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Gonzalo Quezada

Gonzalo Quezada

Gonzalo is a fourth year student at California State University, Fresno, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, and a minor in Criminology. He is actively involved in the Fresno State Debate Team and has did exceptionally well in all his debates through the state of California.

As a law clerk, Gonzalo is an extremely responsible and loves the client interaction he receives at the law firm. He is very approachable and never fails to follow up with clients when they need help with their criminal or DUI charges.

Gonzalo’s passion in writing has gained our clients numerous dismissals with his creative thinking and uncanny ability to show our clients side of the story. He consistently performs research and analysis on very complex legal issues in all different aspects of criminal and DUI defense.

His attention to detail and dedication to the law has allowed him to advance at an accelerating rate and he has become a vital member of our team. He is fluent in Spanish (written and verbal), which has allowed our office to bridge the gap with our clients. He is highly dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients in court.

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