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SR-22 Auto Insurance after Fresno DUI

March 16, 2015

SR-22 Auto Insurance after Fresno DUI

Once a driver is arrested for a DUI, many believe they should contact their insurance company immediately.  This is premature and it could cost you in the long run.  Before you notify your insurance, you should contact DMV Driver’s Safety to request a hearing with 10 days from your DUI arrest.  If you win your DMV APS hearing, you will not be required to maintain a SR-22 (“Safety Responsibility”).

A SR-22 is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, not insurance.  It is merely a form that verifies to DMV that you are maintaining auto insurance coverage.  The purpose of a SR-22 form is to enforce California’s mandatory insurance requirements by the monitoring that you are maintaining continuous insurance coverage. 

When a DUI driver obtains a SR-22 from an insurance company, the insurance agency will submit the certificate to the DMV. Only an insurance company that is registered with the State of California can issue an SR-22.

After a DMV suspension, California requires drivers to carry SR-22 insurance for 3 years.  Monitoring is performed by your insurance company.  All SR-22 policies require your insurance agency to notify DMV if you cancel your auto insurance for any reason. Once DMV is notified, a suspension on your license may occur if you did not obtain a SR-22 from another insurance company.

If you lost your DMV hearing, you should begin your search from an SR-22 before your conviction.  To obtain an SR-22, you’ll need to go through your car insurance provider. If your insurance company does not carry SR-22, you need to shop around for insurance.  Because the cost of SR-22 policies vary, contact different companies before contacting your own to ensure you are receiving the best possible price.

If you received a DUI, it is best to contact an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss your case.  Receiving a DUI is difficult enough, but going it alone can be downright dangerous. Don't wait, get a free lawyer consultation now!

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