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Get A California Driver’s License

Drive In Fresno With A Valid Driver’s License

Many people that have a suspended license do not believe they can get it back. The Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC is proud to say that we have helped hundreds of people obtain a driver’s license. We have reached great results with the Court because we work with the prosecution to keep or reissue a driver’s license.

Contact us today and we will work hard to obtain your driver’s license as well. Our office specifically handles cases of DUI, no licenses, and suspended licenses. In most cases a license can be obtained or restored quickly and efficiently. Do not wait any longer - contact our office immediately and we will immediately begin working on solving the problem to get you back on the road.

Do not drive without a valid license, get legal help instead. We strongly advise you to get legal help in obtaining or restoring your driver’s license, rather than taking any chances by driving without a license or with a suspension.

Getting your driving privileges can often be done with relative ease when you hire an attorney to represent you, and considering the available options, it is clearly your best course of action.

Our office is committed to obtaining your driver’s license. In many cases, our office can help you obtain your license quickly. We will make sure you obtain a license as soon as possible so you may go to work, attend DUI classes, and drive for any medical emergencies. We understand you need a license and we will not stop working until you have a license in your hand.

DUI License Suspensions.

If you just received DUI charges in the past few days, you have 10 days to contact DMV in order to receive an administrative hearing. Failing to request a DMV hearing most often results in a suspension or revocation of the driver’s license.

If a request is made, a stay on your license can be put into effect and the DMV is required to present evidence against you and allow you to present evidence. If you already have a suspended license because of a DUI, it is crucial you discuss your matter with an experienced attorney immediately. 

We will attempt to obtain an unrestricted license for you as soon as possible. Sometimes, you may not qualify for a full license, so we will obtain a restricted driver’s license so you may go to work, attend DUI classes, and drive for any medical emergencies.

If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked after a DUI, you need to know the steps to take to restore your right to drive. Contact us today and we will make sure you will have your license.

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Do NOT Drive without a License.

Get help to keep from driving without a license in Fresno by hiring Fresno traffic lawyer

Many people drive with a suspended license because they do not understand the Court and DMV process. Others assume that they must wait for their court appearance before they can obtain a license.

Additionally, there are other reasons for a suspension or revocations that can be difficult to determine. The Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC obtains licenses for many people, even when they do not believe they can obtain a driver’s license. 

Our office has successfully argued traffic matters on appeal in order to eliminate the suspensions and revocations. We will go through your DMV and Court records to determine the cause of the driver’s license suspension. Once we determine the cause of the suspension, we will implement a solution in order to remove the suspension and get your license back.

Obtaining a license is a long, complicated process when you do not have the correct guidance. We will make sure you are able to get where you need to go as soon as possible, without having to drive with a suspended license.

Retain An Experienced Traffic Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC, we are experienced in handling suspended license issues, and can help you restore your license even if you do not believe you can obtain it.

If you just received a DUI, please contact our office immediately so we can contact the DMV on your behalf so you do not receive an immediate suspension. Remember that you have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to contact the DMV or you will receive a suspended license. ​

If you already have a suspended license, contact us and we will get you started on the right path to remove the suspension or revocation in order for you to obtain a driver's license. Our office will proactively work to obtain your California driver’s license, so call us now!

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