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Fresno DUI Enhancement Lawyer

Common Fresno DUI Enhancements

DUI enhancements are additional penalties that are added by the District Attorney to a DUI charge. There are several types of enhancements, and these enhancements complicate the penalties you are already facing, thereby increasing the severity of the DUI charges against you. 

Our DUI lawyer will help to prevent the imposition of these enhancements because these enhancements can substantially increase a jail or state prison sentence, increase fines and penalties, and can result in a longer license suspension.

Multiple DUIs.

Prior DUI convictions could result in a longer jail or prison sentence, depending on the number of prior convictions.

Chemical Test Refusal.

The court may increase a person’s sentence if the driver refused a chemical test at the time of arrest.

Passenger under age 14.

If there was a minor in the vehicle at the time of the DUI arrest, the District Attorney can add misdemeanor or felony charges, where the punishment could be up to one year in jail for a misdemeanor and three years for a felony. If the District Attorney only adds the enhancement, then there is a mandatory minimum of 48 hours behind bars.

Excessive BAC over .15.

When the blood alcohol content is .15% or higher, many courts will add additional jail time to the person’s sentence and could require a longer DUI Program.

Excessive BAC over .20.

When the blood alcohol content is .20% or higher, judges will add additional jail time to the person’s sentence, and will require the individual to attend a 6 or 9 month DUI Program.

Injuries resulting from DUIs.

If an injury occurred that is considered a great bodily injury, the sentence may include an additional three years in prison. If there are multiple victims that were injured, you could also face an additional one year for every victim, up to 3 years.

Reckless Driving.

Speeding at 20 or More Miles per Hour on the Street or 30 or More Miles per Hour on the Freeway is considered Reckless Driving under California Vehicle Code Section 23103 while driving under the influence. It results in a mandatory additional and consecutive sixty (60) days in custody.

Driver under age 21.

An underage driver could lose their license for up to a year if they are stopped with a BAC of .01% or higher.

Driver on DUI Probation.

A driver that is on probation for DUI could lose their license for up to a year (if it is the first DUI offense) if they are stopped with a BAC of .01% or higher. The driver will be facing new charges as well as a violation of probation for failing to obey all laws and for having alcohol in his or her system.

DUI ChargesDUI ProcessDUI PenaltiesCalculate BACField Sobriety TestsDUI CostsDMV ConsquencesDMV LicensingFrequent QuestionsFresno Drunk Driving Enhancements can be won by hiring a DUI lawyer that will fight for you. DUI enhancements are serious. You need a Fresno DUI lawyer to get your drunk driving enhancements dismissed.

Call a DUI Lawyer For DUI Enhancements

By contacting the Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC, you can rest assured that our office will aggressively defend your DUI case, even when there are enhancements attached. There are additional allegations that can increase the DUI penalties and/or these allegations can be prosecuted as another charge or even a new case. Our experienced attorney is able negotiate with prosecutors in order to have the DUI special enhancements reduced or dropped.​

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